DSLR Filming

DSLR Filming

 Use your camera to make films

This may not be breaking news to many of you, but most DSLR cameras also have the ability to shot video footage. “So what?” I hear you all say but bear with me, if like me you were vaguely aware of this function but were far more intrigued with  still images and basic photography to spare a thought for the film capabilities of your camera. Well now with the summer holidays on us may be now is the time for you to rediscover the Steven Speilberg within.

I think one of the reasons I haven’t shot video on my camera until now is that it is another skill and to produce footage that is worth watching would take require another learning curve which on previous cameras didn’t produce results worth the effort.

Well, this is where the internet once again comes to the rescue, there are hundreds of well-constructed tutorials on almost any topic you care to name. Ok there are also some pretty terrible ones but with a little perseverance, you will soon sift through these. One of the reasons my interest in filming has been re-awaken is that it gives another aspect to your holiday photo story board. Another idea that I have just found out is that on some cameras you can use some of the special effects such as the toy effect in the still image below can be applied to film images.

I know this is true of Nikon cameras and I’m sure most modern cameras will also have this ability. I have just watched two very inspiring youtube clips that make the idea of filming very much a new option.



HD Movie Making Nikon D5100

This first clip is for Nikon D5100 but the theory can be applied to any camera


Next is a great young lad who produces easy to follow, logical and informative movie making tutorials for beginners. 




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