Photograph to Sketch effect with Photoshop

Photograph to Sketch effect with Photoshop

One of the great things about digital photography is that when it rains (as it usualy does durring the British summer) you dont have to find other things to do with your time. A bit of house keeping with your lightroom cataloges or even better have a bit of fun improving your photoshop skills. This is an image I turned from a photograph to a pencil sketch. There are now many action/ presets and tuorials on the internet that will make this task a doddle but you need to take time to try a few out. Also play with any adjustments that they provide as what gives a great result with one image might not have as good results on another subject.
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You can see in the two images above, the effect of combining the sketch effect with varried thickness of outlines. This was done by using the enhance edge filter.

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These images were achieved using the second tutorial below. As they are of solid buildings the sharp edges and structure needed a different approach than the soft skin and clothing of the first images.


Further Practice

Once you have these techniques mastered why not add a little of your own initiative and try to acheive your own look or simply add some other effect such as I have done with these images.

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Enjoy and lets hope the rain stops soon.




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