FaceFirstLtd Photography is Proud to Provide the Following Photographic Services:

Whether you are looking for a professional portrait photo for your LinkedIn/ business profile, or a complete set of marketing images optimised for your online business, I have the talent and enthusiasm to work with you to produce top quality photography. Moreover, my prices are much more reasonable and lower than most professional photographers. 


A smart and professional head and shoulders portrait can add that extra lift to a CV.






Event Photography

Capture the atmosphere of your events or gatherings with a wide variety of images, for example: participants, family and friends, performers or group photos which could be used for future advertisments or simply reminders of a great day. 
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Product and Sales Images

Whether you selling a few bits and pieces on Ebay or wanting to make a living from your hobby/ business, I can ensure your product is portrayed in its best possible light. I can also help you produce a fully functional website for it. (see below)






Restoration Projects

Using state of the art computing and top of the line photoshop software, I am able to restore colour to old faided prints. In addition, scan/ upload your images to me and I can print them on a variety of media from cushions, wall prints, cups or phone covers. 

Web Site Construction

If you would like a modern functional website for your club, an online Portfolio, or a secure internet ecomerce shop, I will work closely with you to produce a web site that not only provides a service but matches your budget and expectations. Please get in touch for a no-obligation quote.